Manchester United Statement on Mason Greenwood

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The Crown Prosecution Service’s decision to dismiss all charges against Mason Greenwood is noted by Manchester United.

Before deciding on the next course of action, the club will now undergo its own procedure. Until that process is over, we won’t say anything more.

After the allegations surfaced in January 2022, Mason Greenwood was taken into custody. Mason Greenwood of Manchester United has had his attempted rape and assault charges withdrawn. In January 2022, the 21-year-old was detained due to suspicions including pictures and videos.

Later, he was accused of trying to rape a woman, acting in a controlling and coercive manner, and assault resulting in serious bodily harm.
In a statement, Greenwood expressed his “relief” and thanked his friends and family for their support.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service, the charges were dropped when crucial witnesses backed out of the case.
We have a responsibility to keep cases under constant evaluation, a spokeswoman added.

“There was no longer a realistic chance of conviction in this case due to the withdrawal of key witnesses and newly discovered evidence. We have a responsibility to end the lawsuit given these facts.

“We have given all parties an explanation of our choice.

Any prospective victims are always urged to come forward and contact the police, and we will file charges wherever the legal requirements are completed.

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Since the claims were made, the player has not competed for United.
“I am pleased that this matter is now resolved and I would want to thank my family, loved ones, and friends for their support,” said Greenwood, 21, in a statement issued on his behalf.

“At this time, no other remark will be made.”

The forward, who has made one appearance for England, was immediately barred from playing or practicing with the Old Trafford club after the claims became public at the start of 2022.

A spokeswoman for Manchester United stated that the organization has taken note of “the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision that all charges against Mason Greenwood have been dismissed.”

Before deciding on the next course of action, the club will now undergo its own procedure, they stated.

“Until that process is over, we won’t make any further comments.”

The BBC is aware that Greenwood won’t resume training or playing until this procedure is finished.

The announcement that Greenwood would no longer be subject to criminal prosecution was deemed “only fair” by Greater Manchester Police.

According to Ch Supt Michaela Kerr, the choice had “not been made lightly.”

However, I would like to use this occasion to restate the force’s dedication to looking into claims of violence against women and girls and providing support to those impacted, regardless of their circumstances, during what can be a trying and unpleasant period for them.

Mason Greenwood return could risk unsettling Man Utd squad as Ten Hag faces huge call

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When it comes to Mason Greenwood, Erik ten Hag is currently faced with the most difficult conundrum of his time at Manchester United.

After all allegations against him were dropped, Greenwood was given the go-ahead to resurrect his career.

And the shocking information indicates that, despite everything that has been said, published, and claimed about the England and United striker, Greenwood has not broken any laws.

He still has a deal with United through 2025, thought to be worth £4 million annually.

But until an immediate internal inquiry into the facts surrounding the accusations made against Greenwood has been conducted, he won’t be coming back to the club.

United paid Greenwood while the police investigation and following court case were ongoing despite suspending him.
Although Greenwood is still on the United squad roster, it appears like the club is taking its time allowing him to return to training so he can reintegrate with his teammates, staff, and, of course, his new boss.

However, the situation is considerably more complex than this and will put Ten Hag’s judgment to a whole new level of test.
Because Greenwood was detained before Ten Hag became leadership on charges of attempted rape, coercive behavior, and assault resulting in a serious bodily injury, all of which have since been dropped, Ten Hag inherited this predicament.

And the most recent event will have taken the Dutchman by surprise.

This is due to the possibility that Greenwood returning to training at some level could risk upsetting the amicable environment that Ten Hag has established within the team.

A short while after Greenwood was detained and then charged, other United players took to social media to disassociate themselves from him.

Some players didn’t want to be linked with Greenwood, much like some of his sponsors, such the athletic powerhouse Nike.

Ten Hag will have received detailed information on the entire episode, and he will not want anything to undermine United’s successful first season under his leadership.

Ten Hag has reportedly not spoken to Greenwood since taking over in June; he will now need to weigh the pros and cons of having him join the team again.

United is currently the only English football team remaining in the running to win four trophies this year.

Greenwood hasn’t played in a competitive game in more than a year, and United will be curious to see what kind of an impact the experience has had on a player who once had the footballing world at his gifted feet.
When the time comes, club executives will have to invest weeks in evaluating and keeping track of the mental and physical health of a person who is now in danger of becoming a wealthy misfit.

The most absurd thing about the whole scenario is how desperate Ten Hag is to have a world-class No9 at his disposal.

Prior to all of this, Greenwood was already making a strong case for his unique talent.

However, this is not the same as allowing a player who has been injured for a year to return.

Despite not being found guilty of a crime, Greenwood remains someone who tarnished United’s name and character owing to the claims against him that have all been withdrawn. Greenwood has a right to return to his place of employment, of course.

It’s challenging to envision Greenwood donning the recognizable red shirt once more this season, let alone ever.

If someone is willing to hire someone who has been out for a year but is still making almost £100,000 per week, United may decide to sell Greenwood in the summer and move on with its plans to recruit Harry Kane.

Greenwood might look for a new beginning somewhere else. It will be interesting to see what occurs in the upcoming months.

We do, however, know that Ten Hag must make some important decisions and that they must be made correctly.

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