Sabinus celebrated by lover on his birthday


comedian Sabinus and girlfriend

On Monday, Emmanuel Ejekwu, also known as Sabinus, one of Nigeria’s most well-known sketch creators, celebrated his birthday with his partner.

Today, January 30, popular comedian Sabinus celebrated turning a year older with his partner.

This morning, Ciana, his fiancee, posted a celebration of him on her Instagram page.

She shared a picture of the two of them online and wrote:
“God made one of my greatest gifts, thus He made your birthday one of my favorite days.
I appreciate all the great memories we have had. To explore more of the globe with you is something I eagerly await.
Here’s to another year filled with romance, joy, and plenty of late-night chitchat.
Happy birthday, Mr. Wife!
I adore you!

Blue shirt Sabinus no be today

sabinus and his blueshirt

Cybercitizens have responded to an old photo of the well-known sketch creator Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, often known as Sabinus or Mr. Funny, and his pal.

On January 30, 2023, the content creator became 28 years old. Today, friends, family, and admirers from around the world are celebrating with him or her.

In a celebratory mood, Sabinus’ buddy and coworker, who frequently appears in his sketches, posted on his Facebook page to wish the comedian a happy birthday and to share some pictures they took together.

He also uploaded an old photo of himself and Sabinus, in which the latter could be seen sporting a blue shirt. This prompted some responses from online users.

5 reasons why Sabinus is the most loved skit maker

Currently, Sabinus is arguably the most well-known and adored comedian and skit creator from Nigeria. has highlighted certain fundamental characteristics of Sabinus that have made him the most adored skit maker in Nigeria right now in honor of the smart and incredibly talented young comic.

One of his childhood pals refers to him as “Emmanuel,” and people have praised him for being a remarkable man who never lost sight of his roots.

Zephyr, one of his childhood pals, was contacted by to help celebrate Sabinus turning 28. Zephyr had nothing but positive things to say about him and even told a tale about how Mr. Funny once fought him when they were almost taken advantage of by a show promoter.

Given such remarks from a hypeman, it is not surprising to hear positive reviews of him from cartoonists like Twizzy.

Sabinus has appeared in the content of almost every significant skit creator during the course of their career.

One of the few Nigerian skit creators that is regarded as a legitimate comic is Sabinus. He is capable of holding his own on stage or in front of the camera.

One would hardly ever see a half-naked lady on any of Sabinus’ sketches, yet one would be offered premium laughs. Oga Funny is also in the league of skit creators that do not degrade or objectify women in their acts.

He is liked by people of all ages and with high moral standards because of this special quality.

Mr. Funny is arguably the Nigerian comedian with the most expressive face. He constantly has the upper hand thanks to his expressions.

Even when he doesn’t say much, his facial expressions always impress his followers. Sabinus is deserving of the title of facial humor’s king.

Since he had his big break in 2022, Sabinus has been reliable. It is known that Sabinus created more than 100 short comedic sketch videos, which is considered an incredible accomplishment.

With over 169.6 million views, Sabinus is the second-most-watched Instagram sketch creator, behind only Broda Shaggi, according to Dateleum.

He dominated the charts in Q1, Q2, and Q3, but Q4 saw a decline. He continues to be the leader in Nigeria in terms of views across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

He has managed to avoid trouble despite being a young man who is prone to blunders and the temptation of fortune.

There have been relatively few occasions since Sabinus earned his big break when he was called out. One was when he was accused of taking money and not appearing at the Oko show incident.

But he clarified things by saying that he was ill and was prepared to issue a refund. He also got into a fight with Friesland Peak Milk over the use of his catchphrase “Sometin hooge.”

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, better known by his stage name Sabinus, is a well-known Nigerian comedian who just took ownership of a second property.

The popular sketch creator recently left many of his admirers in awe after pictures of his new home started to circulate.

Fans of the socialite drooled over stunning images of the home, which featured a swimming pool adorned with the comedian’s stage name, Sabinus.

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