Oil & Gas Drilling Labour Urgently Required In Canada

Oil and gas drilling labor jobs are open in Canada. These posts for the position of Oil and Gas are offered by the famous oil company of Canada “Precision Drilling Canada Limited Partnership”. Below is the short and quick introduction of Precision Drilling Canada Limited Partnership:

Oil & Gas Drilling

Company Intro:

Precision Drilling Canada Limited Partnership is a Canadian company that specializes in the drilling of oil and gas wells & different projects. The company was founded by Precision Drilling Corporation, which has since been bought out by GE Energy Financial Services.

What is oil and gas drilling?

The concept of the overall drilling process is relatively simple. There is a potential reservoir located deep beneath the earth’s surface. In order to gain access and extract oil or gas, a hole must be drilled through the various rocks, materials and layers to reach it.

Precision Drilling operates across the world, with more than 1,700 employees working for them the globe. In this blog post, we will go over how to apply as an employee at Precision Drilling Canada Limited Partnership.

Oil & Gas Drilling Labour:

General Description: The location for this oil & Gas drilling job is Lloydminster, AB Canada. The company pays a good amount of salary on an hourly basis. Your starting salary can be $33/hour for 168 hours weekly.

Moreover for this job full-time Day/Evening shift is available. Weekend and Night shifts are also possible with the facility of overtime to earn more money and get benefits from the company.

For applying to this oil and gas company you do not require any education. However, having some skillset can help you to become a valuable member of the company. Besides this experience is also not necessary, Precision Drilling Canada Limited Partnership will give proper training to the selected candidates.

Job Title Oil & Gas Labour
Salary 35$ Per Hour
Category Permanent/Oil
Experience Not required
Qualification Not required
Location Lloydminster Alberta Canada
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Basic Requirements For Applying For Oil & Gas Job:

However, it has been cleared above that there is no require any degree or experience for applying for this job. But you should be in good health & should be able to pick the weight of 40kg. And after selection company will train the candidates. Your duties after selection will be:

Duties as an Oil & Gas Drilling Labour:

  • Identify the type of drill stem
  • Determine if drill stem & keep them maintain
  • Use tongs to remove the pipe from its position on the rig floor and place it on a pipe rack
  • Handle, sort, and move drill pipes, tools, cement, and other materials
  • Perform various duties related to the drilling process such as setting up rigs for drilling operations or repairing equipment that has been damaged during a drilling operation
  • Perform general maintenance work on equipment such as keeping it clean and in good repair; checking fluid levels; changing oil filters; greasing fittings; replacing worn parts with new ones when necessary
  • Connects pipe sections by using bolts or welding them together
  • Check for any leaks in pipes before they are stored away

Other Official Jobs:

How To Apply For Oil & Gas Job In Canada:

All those workers or candidates who can do all the above duties on a daily and regular basis for the company will be eligible to apply. All the interested candidates click here to apply to the company.




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