Hoodlums raze Rivers APC NASS candidate’s residence

The home of Ezemonye Ezekiel-Amadi, the All Progressives Congress National Assembly candidate for the Ikwerre/Emuoha Federal Constituency, was destroyed by suspected political thugs in Omerelu, Rivers State.

In his rural home of Omerelu in the state’s Ikwerre Local Government Area, the tragedy happened on Saturday.

It was discovered that the alleged arsonists broke into his home after entering the neighborhood and setting it on fire.

Some local adolescents were reported to have stopped some of the attackers and arrested them as the fire was beginning.

The young people rushed to the senator candidate’s home shortly after.

Ekekiel-Amadi claimed in a video he personally released about the incident that the attackers smashed the glass and set the curtains on fire, leaving the majority of the rooms burned.

In the video, the apartment’s louvre glasses were all destroyed, along with the chairs, tables, ceiling, and electronics.

He claimed that one of the attackers who was apprehended by neighborhood kids described to him how he smashed the louvre glasses and ignited the curtains on fire.

He claimed that shortly after one of the attackers was taken into custody, neighborhood kids broke into his home and attempted to put out the fire.

“This is my aunty’s room, this is the ceiling, and this is the air conditioner,” he said. if not for my relatives’ and the local youngsters’ involvement.

To be able to access the area and put out the fire, they had to enter. The majority of locations are near windows because the boy who was arrested shattered the glass and then lit the drapes.

Darlington Nwauju, the party’s spokesman in the state, claimed that a suspected PDP arsonist was responsible for planning the incident.

Nwauju described the attack as one too many and claimed that the incident has supported the party’s appeal for the police to increase surveillance on APC leaders and candidates in the state.

We want to warn that these attacks must stop because we cannot expect our party members to be the target of abuse at every election circle, he said.

It is obvious that security personnel are unable to patrol the entire state and apprehend all criminals and hired thugs preying on APC members.

We applaud the Omerelu community’s youth for getting involved and catching the arsonist responsible for this heinous crime.

Nwauju continued, “The APC will be watching to ensure that justice is not only done but is also perceived to have been done in order to act as a deterrent to other arsonists.

And to other political predators who oppose the APC and other opposition parties having a chance to run for office and conduct business in Rivers State.

Grace Iringe-Koko, a spokeswoman for the state police command, promised to investigate and get back to our reporter.

Iringe-Koko, a superintendent of police, still hadn’t done it as of Sunday afternoon, when this report was submitted.

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