Ex Barcelona player faces scandal (His wife reaction afterwards)

Dani's wife thankful message to supporters all over the world

Dani Alves, a player for the Pumas, was detained this past Friday on suspicion of allegedly committing a sexual assault in a Barcelona nightclub between December 30 and December 31, 2022.

The international player from Brazil has been brought before the court, and after giving a statement, the judge of Barcelona’s Instruction Number 15 will decide whether to sentence him to prison or release him on bail.
From the very beginning, the player has refuted the facts.

Without encroaching on anyone else’s personal space, he remarked, “I was there, in that spot, with other people enjoying.”

“I have no idea who that woman is.”

The wife went ahead to post a picture saying together which shows her support for her husband

Joana Sanz, his wife, has formed a deep bond with her husband, and the model has taken to social media to show support for the player, who is enduring one of the darkest periods in his life.

The woman captioned a snap of their hands clasped “Together” on her Instagram page.

As well as thanking her family and friends, Joana also acknowledged the support she is receiving from strangers at this difficult time.

The Canary Islands model continued, “I appreciate all the well-wishes and supportive texts.
“I’ve felt utterly engulfed by this gloomy start to the year. I’ll come back like a phoenix.”

in the judge’s control
The victim claimed that the former football player had inappropriately touched her at the aforementioned location over the Christmas break.

The player was reported on January 2, and as of right now, the judge will make the decision after the player gave a statement at the police station.

After the club opted not to renew his contract, Dani Alves left Barcelona at the conclusion of the previous campaign.
The Brazilian played in the World Cup with the Brazilian national team after signing with Pumas.

He traveled to Barcelona after the World Cup to spend a few days there, which is where the alleged events occurred.

Dani Alves speech after arrest

Alves denying the whole incident


Alves acknowledged being at the club that night but denied knowing the alleged victim.
Dani Alves gave his side of the story before being detained on rape charges in Spain on Friday, claiming that his family and friends are aware that the allegations of sexual assault are untrue.

Alves, 39, acknowledged being at the club that night but denied knowing the alleged victim. Alves claims in a video published by the Spanish outlet “Y Ahora Sonsoles” on January 5 that he has never entered someone else’s area against their will.

Alves said, “I would like to refute everything. “I was there, having a good time with other individuals. I enjoy dancing, as anyone who knows me may attest. I’m having fun without encroaching on anyone else’s privacy. preserving the environment at all times. I have never entered someone else’s space without their permission during these years.”

Alves is presently being held without bond after a 23-year-old woman accused him of raping her on New Year’s Eve at Barcelona’s Sutton nightclub. The young woman filed a formal report on January 2, and investigators got to work.

Before being transported to the Ciutat de la Justicia in Barcelona, he was arrested at the Mossos d’Esquadra police station in Les Corts.

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