Cristiano Ronaldo squares off with UFC fighter Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia

Ronaldo and Ngannou

The UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and Cristiano Ronaldo had a humorous exchange while competing against one other on Saturday in Saudi Arabia.

The former UFC heavyweight champion and five-time Ballon d’Or winner squared off in an unlikely match that ended with CR7 withdrawing.
In a humorous video, the two engaged in combat, but Ronaldo swiftly opted to defuse the situation.

He started giggling and ultimately chose to hug Ngannou instead fighting him.

After recently leaving Manchester United, Ronaldo currently works for Al-Nassr after both parties reached an agreement to end his contract.
Although he has yet to play for his new wide, he made his debut in Saudi Arabia against Lionel Messi’s PSG in a Riyadh All-Star XI friendly game.

Ngannou, on the other hand, is a fighting free agency at the moment.

This week, the former UFC champion had his belt removed since the organization realized he was out of contract and ready to move on.

He made the decision to meet up with Ronaldo this weekend when he was on the road.

Ngannou on Twitter

Ngannou having good times with Ronaldo

The UFC star said great talking with the GOAT in Riyadh today. Very Inspirational


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