10 Best Scholarship Programs In India For African Students

African students studying in India face numerous challenges. The cost of education is high, the job market is challenging, and the language barrier can be an insurmountable obstacle. Many scholarships and grants are available to help African students in India overcome these obstacles. India is located in Asia and is in the top 10 largest countries globally. India happens to be the home of one of the world’s oldest and dominant civilizations. Present-day India comprises the Republic of India, including the Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of Bangladesh. From ancient times, India has been a suitable area for human occupation and formal education.

Is India A Good Place To Study?

As an African, you wonder if India is a perfect place to study. The answer is YES. This is because many of its universities are ranked among the best globally, especially in areas of engineering and technology. Also, considering the vast courses and unique educational programs, India’s low cost of education is another factor that makes it an excellent place to study. Apart from the low cost of education, several scholarship plans, loans, and financial programs can help you sort out your education cost. These scholarships can be in the form of money, education, or work opportunities. You can also find scholarships that focus on specific fields of study. For example, a scholarship might concentrate on business or engineering. Many organizations, such as the African American Scholarship Foundation (AASCF), offer scholarships specifically for African students.

Benefits Of Studying In India

Scholarship programs for African students in India are a valuable resource. Many scholarships and grants are available to help African students in India overcome their challenges. These scholarships and grants can provide financial assistance, housing, and other resources to make the transition to living in India easier. One of the benefits of studying in India as an African student is its cultural diversity. India is used to having people from different cultures, races, religions, and ethnicity, so it is elementary for you to adapt to India than to other countries. Also, unlike other countries, where you need to their local language before you can communicate, that is not so in India. The majority of the people speak English, and most of the courses offered are taught in English. Language is not a barrier for any African student in India in a more transparent tone.

Documents Required To Study In India As An African Student

The first document you will need is a student visa offered to international students aspiring to study in any accredited institutions in India. RELATED:

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Also, you will need a passport with over six months validity, photographs of passport size, a photocopy version of the passport, your proof of residential address, a copy of the forms you filled out online, the University admission letter, and accurate details about the University.

Top 10 Scholarship For African/International Students In India

Compared to other developed countries, getting a scholarship in India is very easy. But if you’re still having a hard time finding a scholarship program in India, these are some of the best scholarship programs for African students planning to travel to India for studies.

1. DBT JRF Scholarship

This scholarship program is organized by the Department of biotechnology under the watch of India’s ministry of science and technology. This scholarship is for international students, including African students schooling in India and citizens of India who are aspiring to pursue a course in the biotechnology sector. DBT JRF candidates will be selected based on their performance in the biotechnology eligibility test (BET) test. The scholarship is for three years but can be extended for two more years to SRF based on performance. The Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) scholarship amount is Rs. 25,000+ HRA, while that of the Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) is Rs. 28,000+ HRA.

2. Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance Senior Fellowships in India

This scholarship is equally organized and funded by the Wellcome Trust (UK) and the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. It is a scholarship organized for researchers in the biomedical field related to animal and human welfare. It’s open to students from any country (Africa Included) To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a researcher in the basic science or veterinary field with research experience of up to 15 years of post Ph.D. If you are selected among the Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance Senior Fellowship winners, you will receive fellow’s support and research cost for 4years. The scholarship program is not renewable.

3. KIIT University International Scholarship Program (KUISP)

The KIIT University International scholarship program is organized for international countries (including Africa) who will pursue any degree offered by the University. Candidates can register for any degree program except nursing, architecture, and any other course in the medicine line. The scholarship is open to students from any country except for south Asian countries, and special consideration will be given to candidates with a fragile financial background. Suppose you are among the lucky candidates that have been selected. In that case, you are entitled to full tuition fee and accommodation allowances, candidates that won the half scholarship program will be awarded 50% of the total scholarship value.

4. The Indian school Of International Business Scholarship (ISB)

The ISB scholarship is organized for African and other international students who are willing to study a postgraduate course and earn a postgraduate degree in business management. It is a 1year postgraduate program in business management, and there are 26 scholarships up for grabs. To be eligible, you need to show that you have good experience in business administration; you must have a practical Graduate Record Examination and a certificate showing that you are good at the English language. This scholarship has different categories, and each class is entitled to a particular scholarship package. The first category is the ISB merit waver which gives 25% to 100% tuition, the ISB-AIESEC awards INR 1,000,000 which is 14,360 in dollars, the Bridge to India category awards $7180 to 14360, then the La Caixa, Casa Asia, and the Talentia category awards full scholarship grant.

5. ITEC/SCAAP Government Of India Fully Funded Scholarship

The government of India organizes the ITEC/SCAAP scholarship in conjunction with the National Institute of entrepreneurship and small businesses development (NIESBUD). The scholarship is open to African and international students from the ITEC (Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation) countries. Also, to be eligible, you must be good at English. Successful candidates are awarded an accommodation allowance, tuition fee, and a monthly allowance of $360. Also, candidates are entitled to a book allowance of $72, visa fees, project fees, and travel to and from India.

6. Nalanda University Master Scholarship For International Students

This is one of India’s most sought-after scholarship programs for global and African students. The scholarship is open to students who are ready to study any course in any field of knowledge offered by the University. Candidates can pick a course from the field of history, ecology philosophy, and other arts and humanities courses. To be eligible for the Nalanda University scholarship, you must present an impressive academic record in your last degree and submit a certificate confirming that your English use is excellent. All selected candidates are awarded a full-tuition fee, accommodation, and feeding allowance.

7. SIU-ICCR Joint Scholarship For Developing Countries

This scholarship is jointly organized for international and African developing countries by the Symbiosis International University(SIU) and the Indian Cancel for cultural relations(ICCR). Interested candidates should be willing to study any preferred courses among the ones offered by the SIU. Also, you must show expertise in the use of the English language. Selected candidates will be awarded a full-tuition fee, accommodation, and feeding allowance.

8. General scholarship Scheme (GSS) For International Students

The Government of India organizes this scholarship in conjunction with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) for African/international students willing to study a course in an accredited university in India. To be eligible for the GSS scholarship, you must be from selected countries from Asia, Africa, Latin and American countries. Candidates must also be impressed with the English language since it is the language of instruction. You are allowed to pick three courses of your choice. Suppose you are willing to study a course in performance art. In that case, you must send a short video or audio to showcase your talent. Postgraduates are expected to send a summary of their research work with the necessary documents and transcripts. Selected candidates are awarded total tuition fees and INR 5500 to undergraduates, INR 6000 to postgraduates, and INR 7500 for research and postdoctoral candidates. Successful candidates are also entitled to INR 5000 for monthly accommodation, one-time thesis, and medical allowance of INR 5000  (undergraduates), INR 7000 (postgraduates), and INR 15500 for research and postdoctoral candidates.

9. Government of India Fully-funded Scholarships for International Training Programmes in India

The government of India organizes this scholarship through the National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD). There are up to 105 scholarships that are fully funded and are available for training programs in India. The International training programs are focused on Rural Enterprise Planning, International marketing, global competitiveness, and women and youth entrepreneurship in water supply and sanitation development. The scholarship is open to African students, South Americans, and some European students. Successful candidates are entitled to total tuition fees, Visa fees, course and accommodation fees, and a monthly allowance of Rs 25000. Selected candidates are also entitled to a book allowance of Rs 5000 and a study tour.

10. E-Governance Digital India Fellowship for International Students

This scholarship is organized by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for students worldwide, including African students. The main objective of this scholarship is to offer e Governance-related courses. There are up to 25 scholarships, and they are open to government officials worldwide. Candidates must be a maximum of 50 years, be a postgraduate, and have a passport valid for a year. You must also have substantial knowledge about national and international e-governance matters. Successful candidates are entitled to total tuition fees, accommodation and feeding allowance, and travel expenses.

Difference between a fully paid scholarship and part scholarship in India

A fully paid scholarship in India covers total tuition fees, accommodation fees, board fees, and other necessary academic expenses. On the other hand, the part scholarship covers just a part or specific portion of the educational expenses of the candidates.

Can I Work While Studying In India?

It is against the law in India to be employed while you are an active student in an institution. However, international students can choose internships related to their field of study. With every information provided above concerning scholarship programs in India for African/international students, you should be able to make a good decision about which scholarship program you want to apply for. The criteria are not unattainable, and the universities in India are among the best institutions in the world. So, whichever you choose, be rest assured that you are getting the best form of education there.

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